Awarded the Sitecore MVP for 2022 - 8th time in a row

 I hadn't found the time yet to post this enormously valuable blog post. But regardless of when, I still need to add this. Not only as a validation on the work that was done during the last year, but also to honor all the other Sitecore MVP's out there. The last two year have been challenging, let's be honest. And all my fellow MVPs have continued their hard work, spreading knowledge, building up expertise, convincing customers and colleagues alike on the best approach and the best way forward with the platform. We are, slowly but certainly, looking at times where we can once again meet in person and start to exchange on even more information. Let's hope this year will be an interesting one for all of us, both customers, partners, developers and MVP's. More information on the Sitecore MVP plan can be found here: A big thanks to Sitecore for the recognition, it will not go unanswered!

DRM in ContentHub pt2 - Intersections of contracts

 Setting the scene My previous post was a pretty vanilla post on the use and features of the DRM functionality inside Sitecore's Content Hub. This post can be found here: But, as with everything, the real intricacies really only show themselves once you start to research them or get actual business requirements and are able to test them out against the product.  The premise for this post is what I noticed when multiple contracts / profiles seem to overlap. So, as an example, lets say there is a specific element present in a picture. This could be a celebrity or a detail of an asset/article (let's assume a car).  In that case, it may very well be that two policies would apply: 1) The digital rights contract with the photographer who signed into contract for that photo-session 2) The rights attributed to the car or celebrity (or both) shown in the picture. What should happen? DRM on multiple asset

Digital Rights Management in ContentHub

Setting the scene  Ever since the acquisition of StyleLabs by Sitecore, I've been interested in the platform and its capabilities. ContentHub, as the product under the Sitecore umbrella is now referred to, comes with quite a set of platform capabilties alltogether. It serve primarily as a DAM platform, but has strong ties and capabilities into PIM, CMP and so on. As well as some capabilities towards print, obviously on collaboration but also on DRM (Digital Rights Management). Over the course of the numerous CH (ContentHub) trainings that I've partaken in so far, the concept and functionality of the DRM module came up a few times. This first post will just show the details of DRM in ContentHub What is the DRM in ContentHub? Found on the main navigation, DRM opens up into the DRM contacts screen as shown below: Note that the above are obviously dummy contracts in a DEMO. When new contracts need to be created or existing need to be edited: Inside such a DRM Contract, the informat

Stepping up your Sitecore game

 Stepping up your Sitecore game   The whole Sitecore ecosystem is changing. Sitecore is looking into more and more acquisitions following its large capital injection of last year. And it is not only changing on a level of acquisitions and platform capabilities. The platform is moving forward at cruising speed, with a solid release cadence moving the platform onward. Over the last years we have seen the technology change, noticed remarkable architectural shifts back and forth. All these changes obviously make an impact on several levels; how should you host this application, what about integrations, what about containers, what about platform functionalities. And even though the above questions feel pretty redundant, a lot of customers are still on older versions of Sitecore, and Sitecore 10 is still a distant dream. Which is why this article aims to provide a mix of where the platform is, where it is headed, and what would be a good approach and timing to get back on track. Evol

Sitecore at Corona times

As most of the world at this moment, I am (together with my colleagues) stuck in a different working rhytm and momentum. And regardless of how this is impacting businesses, either through an unexpected drop in business and turnover or by creating opportunities (depending on how long this will last), I feel that it is our duty to try and turn this global pandemic in a time for opportunities. Meaning that while we need to fill in on the amount of work we do daily in a different way, we might just be able to change this for the better.So, from a standpoint of Sitecore development, what can we actively do to aid ourselves and our customers? Sitecore Upgrade If there ever was a somewhat convenient time to perform Sitecore upgrades, then that time is now. Customers typically are noticicng a drop in amount of visitors, have less active campaigns and have a lower rate of activity when it comes down to creating and updating content on their various platforms. Also, with the expected re

Interesting product evolutions from the Sitecore Symposium 2019

As I made my way back from Orlando to Brussels, I had some time to reflect on the vast magnitude of information that was handed down to all attendees during this 5-day event. That is right, a total of 5 days, as I attended both the Symposium as well as the MVP Summit. Moreover, since all that content is spread out across different types of tracks as well as multiple breakout sessions, it is nearly impossible to cover everything. However, a few topics really stuck with me that seem to interweave just great in the grand scheme of things. So, without further ado; Sitecore goes SaaS Sitecore Content Hub Exploring FaaS capabilities Sitecore goes SaaS This announcement had been hanging in the air for quite some time. Over the course of the last years we had seen a number of evolutions and new products in the product ecosystem that were already starting to level the playing ground for the introduction of SaaS. Two years ago, Sitecore introduced their vision of a ne

Guiding your visit to the Sitecore Symposium 2019

In a little under a month, we will be heading back out towards the yearly Sitecore Symposium. When you explore the online agenda for the Symposium, it can be somewhat overwhelming to look into the 120 (!) different sessions and decide on which one offer the most value or novelty information. Since everyone who attends the Symposium has a slightly different focus, it would be an absurd claim to provide you with an ideal guide into the different tracks as a whole. All speakers and sessions have been meticulously chosen and offer great quality and expertise in their own domain. Sitecore has been hard at work in a number of products and technology choices: Handling larger volumes and scaling your different environments for bigger load Sitecore Commerce with enhanced performance, tooling and stability (and B2B?) Sitecore 9.3 release with the all-new Horizon interface that will be revealed Assist and accelerate your website development through tools such as SXA and JSS Stru