Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sitecore - Has an item been published

How to keep track of what Sitecore items have been published

I recently got this question from a colleague who was looking into a customer reported issue.
He was wondering if he could see if this specific page/item has already been published.

The default answer here would be to check the "Web" db or any other publishing target. However, this is a tedious task when checking multiple pages as well as when these pages are nested deeply within your root structure.

So I decided to see what the web had to offer with regards to this.

I first found a Sitecore answer that gave a list of the Items that were in the publish queue. This provides insight into what has NOT been published yet. But does not show what HAS been published:


This was however not what I needed, an I continued on...
The solution come from Stack Exchange:

Turns out Ruud Van Falier wrote a nifty and obvious piece of code to display the publishing status on the gutter...

Check it out !

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