Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sitecore User Group next Session - 23 October

A new session of the Sitecore user group is up and comming.
This time the event will be hosted in Ghent, in the Zebrastraat location.

More details can be found here:

But I have listed the details below as well:

Sitecore User Group (SUG) BELUX #2 - Sitecore Symposium Highlights & How-to CRM
This event aims at building an eclectic Sitecore community to share experience and knowledge.
• Welcome: Short introduction into the agenda and future SUG approach. 
• Session 1 : Sitecore Symposium Highlights Sitecore Symposium Barcelona on September 15-17.
The Sessions, The Speakers, The Roadmap, The Vision.
We will try to capture as much information as possible and compress everything into a good first high-level presentation. Follow-up sessions on specific topics may be needed to show the opportunities and impact that certain new product features might bring.
Insight presentation and Q&A
Speaker: TBC
• Session 2 : How-to (e-)CRM ?
What is the best practice of linking a CRM with Sitecore?
Which CRM systems are best fit for Sitecore?
What are the Pros and Cons of the various CRMs.
How mature is Sitecore in serving as a full-fledged e-CRM solution ? 
Case Study and Q&A
Speaker: Johan Becue - Sitecore Technical Consultant
• Network and mingle time Featuring food and drinks 

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