Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sitecore Symposium Partner Pavilion

The Sitecore Symposium at Barcelona featured an impressive 12+ partner booths that were each and every one worth a visit. As a perfect Sitecorian (or what was the name again) I went over to each booth and visited them all.

Which was hard and took up all my spare time between sessions and even kept me out of some of the first minutes of some sessions.

But I think it was worth it. Because you do not build a Sitecore solution alone. Sitecore is a platform that lends itself to co-operation and integration.

In the comming blog posts I'll try to make an post for nearly each of the Partners there.

And as proof that i visited every one of them, here is my Passport with every partner stamp on it:

First one to do: ADAM, full-fledged data asset management tool that now integrates perfectly with Sitecore. ADAM was Signature sponsor of the Symposium and the Sitecore Symposium Party.

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