Saturday, December 6, 2014

ASP.NET and MVC / Let's combine with Sitecore


I have been delaying this too long. It's time to get onto the bandwagon and join all you guys out there with MVC and Sitecore.

And since I recently heard a Sitecore representative say that Sitecore is embracing and enforcing the MVC approach I find it high time.

So, lets try to find all information I possibly can to make sure I get a good start on this.
First off, I found this information :

- - Very up to date, thank you Martina Wehlander !
- - Learning Sitecore MVC and the subsequent post 2,3,4 dates from 2012 though….
- - Posting forms (again : Martina Wehlander) – 2014
- - more Martina Wehlander
- - Hedgehog mid/eind 2012 subsequent posts 2,3,4
- - Sitecore MVC starter app – 2012 (outdated?)

Wondering if the above, combined with the information om the VirtualSummit will provide me with all the information I need to make this work flawlessly.

And let's hope all modules and products are able to do what I want to do through MVC as well...

-update- (!) Found the following KB article on Sitecore giving good insight on what modules and products can be used with Sitecore MVC approach:

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