Friday, February 20, 2015

The quiet before the storm that is 2015 and Sitecore MVP

Turns out life goes exceedingly fast when you are occupied by having both a very busy work-agenda and personal life. That might be a possible explanation as to why my previous blog post dates back to mid december last year ...

A lot has transpired since then :p

First off, Sitecore 8 became released

The new platform made it in time... ! All developers were are aching to get their hands on first developments and going forward with development and new projects on the shining new release.

A number of projects are now in startup phase and we are gently going ahead with looking into the future for our other existing and active customers.
The future seems to hold a large set of opportunities, both with regards to new approaches in Sitecore as well as insights and customer / marketer options!

Shortly after, I got a few mails from Sitecore that contained the following sentence:

"It is my pleasure to inform you that we have reviewed your nomination for Sitecore Technology MVP in 2015 and that we have decided to award you! "  ----->  Mind == Blown !

The Sitecore user group, personal efforts, steering of the teams and pre-sales work has taken a lot of effort and time in 2014 and this was a very welcome reward indeed. Thank you for the kind words Sitecore !

Thanks to everyone, customers, colleague's, bosses and of course Sitecore to make this possible.

Sitecore Hackaton !

Then the Sitecore Hackaton 2015 was upon us ! We made a team, made a list of ideas that seemed good fun to us and went ahead for 24 hours of non-stop development. It was long, it was hard and we struggled to get all our ideas finished in time. It was great fun too see how much can be done with Sitecore and where we can develop new features.
For a list of the submissions and topics go straight to : and maybe you could be one of the competing teams in the 2016 edition ?

Sitecore User Group edition 3

As my last post on my blog indicated, the end of january would be marked by the third Sitecore User Group event. This event was focussed primarily on Sitecore's WFFM module, how it can be used and abused by using customization.
The evening was a big success with interesting speakers and visitors alike.
We are now working on the agenda for the next event that will probably take place around the 25th of June 2015! 

What's next ?

My aim is to have a few more blog posts then I did last year, I've got a few things listed that I want to write down here. One of the topics will be focussed on yet another "Hidden-gem of Sitecore" that helps create a good what is what of Sitecore... To be continued and let's hope I find the time soon enough :p

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