Monday, October 26, 2015

Sitecore EXM - issue on 3.1

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 I am using EXM 3.1 for a customer and a POC...

However, I do come across quite the number of issues with the EXM module. We all know this module is still subject to some growing pains but as I am curing these, I will list some of the fixes and encountered issues on the blog just to help my colleagues along before another fix on Sitecore is released...

When using the EXM 3.1 I came across the following issue
When creating a new email message I seemed unable to save the item entirely.

I noticed saving was not performed correctly as the title and body fields were not sent out as I tested the email message.

However, when I went into the content editor and navigated to my email in the messages bucket under 'content', I changed the fields manually and tried to save it.
However, on doing so, Sitecore notified me that there were broken links in the value of that (freshly created) mail message.

The problem is on the MessageType field, my message holds the value "Triggered", while in previous versions that was "Trickle" (v3.0) as I saw in a different demo environment we have running.
I then changed my value to "Trickle" and was now able to save without errors from the Content Editor.

When I then went into the EXM interface and opened up my draft message, I got a big server side exception in code on the screen instead of the editing detail sceen.
Only when I changed the value of the MessageType field back to the wrong value did everything revert to normal again, but obviously I was then faced again with the problem of being unable to save...

Sigh :) So onwards to support of Sitecore -> They recognized the bug and the fix is quite simple:

Just rename the following items as mentioned:

Item /sitecore/system/Modules/E-mail Campaign Manager/System/Message Types/Ad-hoc rename to OneTime.
Item /sitecore/system/Modules/E-mail Campaign Manager/System/Message Types/Periodical rename to Subscription.
Item /sitecore/system/Modules/E-mail Campaign Manager/System/Message Types/Trickle rename to Triggered.

No more issues on save from the Content Editor... But some issues exists with updating lists from the ListManager as well as using the EXM interface to save some mail messages. To be continued as Support carries on.

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